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Edith y EduWe are Edith and Edu, founders and owners of Ibiza promise wedding and events.

Ibiza Promise Wedding & Events born as a result of our marriage.

We had been together for a month, getting to know each other, and we decided to get married. (What madness!). It was a summer love on an island but we wanted to make this "An eternal summer love”That's what we call it.

«Edu, addicted to pizza with pineapple and Nutella. I could spend the whole week feeding on just that. The best? when we have to decide something and we do it with rock, paper or scissors ... always take out scissors first, ALWAYS, so the rest is done. He is tireless. He always pursues his dreams until he reaches them. He has a law degree from the University of Valladolid and he is an incredible professional. He is qualified in organization of events by Open Education Europe and by CODE. Somos un equipo y he de decir que para mi, él es el motor. Él todo lo puede.»

«Edith, necesita su phosquito a las 4 de la madrugada. Jamás pueden faltar en la nevera si no, entra en cólera. Es apasionada de lo que hace, incansable y nunca tiene un «eso es imposible» en la boca, con ella todo es más fácil. Es titulada por the international commission on distance education as Wedding Planner and specialized in event organization.«

We started preparing our wedding; We spend those moments, long waits, uncertainty ... All the details and that incredible emotion for the arrival of our day. And so the illusion with which we lived each moment was so great that we decided to make this a lifestyle to transmit to our future customers that same illusion

Preparing the happiest day of your life can become a real headache. Nowadays we have less free time to do what we want and prepare a wedding is a task full of small details.

We work with the best suppliers to help you in your day just have to ENJOY so much 

We will ensure that no detail is missing, that the whole event is like a theater performance in which you, our customers, are the protagonists.

You choose the wedding, we will accompany you during the preparations. Everything will be perfect.

Wish it and we make it happen; We already did it. 

Ibiza Promise

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